A Proclamation

A Proclamation,

By John Anthony Cadena, Governor of Texas

hen one begins to think of the fine women and mothers whom have traveled with us men through all our journeys, it goes without saying that these gentle souls have no other place than the conforts of the homes we provide, continuing in the abrahamic work of those whom have come before us. It is in these homes in which all men will find on their angelic pedistal, the loyal mothers we so love. Let us for a moment though place this idea aside, as we take a lok at some out of the ordinary moments in our betrothed history, past and present. While the most common ideas of those models of perfection will always be found in the pew pet of our lords house, throughout time one in a few of our lords maids has risen above the rest, honoring the name of her master as well as her husband. Far gone are the days of one Molly Pitcher, though as early as twenty eight years recent, our pew pet angels were mending us soilders from our enemys to the east, standing by the side of men whose names were of no inportance, for all that mattered was that they be given another tomorrow. One such record records a maid stating, all was hurry and confusion; the hall was full of these wrecks of humanity……the matron’s motherly face brought more comfort to many poor a soul.[i] It is recorded, the events of these women, it is a fine example of the outcome from those a proper women. As a result of such valient efforts on the part of these fine proper women, it need be reminded that our mothers of tomorrow posess such qualities as a result of the many oportunities afforded to them, at the hands of this great lord.

Given under my hand and the city of San Antonio, this 2nd day of September, A.D. 1840, and of the sovernty of the state of Texas

J.A. Cadena


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