A look into the Hive

A Look into the Hive


Sweetwater, Feb, 5 – At present time, we are at war on two fronts. With every morsel, our boys are fighting for this great nation, across the Atlantic on unknown lands, that of which we can only imagined. For those Americans here on the home front, it is our responsibility to prove to these hero’s that we support their efforts as well as reassure them that all is not lost as they defend this great county. For some this means rationing food products, for others manufacturing equipment and for all maintaining a strong spirit. For one group of Americans though, this home front effort has been taken to a new level right here in Sweetwater, it is the opinion of many that such extreme measures should be left to those of natural strength, so as not to disturb natures space. Though for others, the extreme measure arriving at the doorstep of humble Sweetwater is exactly what is required in a time of war. This call to action I speak of is more commonly known as the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, or (WASP) of the U.S. Army Airforces. Moving here from Houston, this band of women is comprised of mostly commercial housewives rather then certified military pilots. For this reason, popular opinion is skeptical at best as to how effective they will be. These women will be traveling to our great town from cities all across the great United of States, 1,800 in fact. Through records obtained, it seems the role these women will play in the war effort is one which will not see them in combat but rather have then in the cock pit of air crafts our men will be using in defense against the enemy. These women will find themselves preforming such task as in air target towing, testing of aircraft capabilities, and transporting aircrafts from post to port in preparation for shipment to the war effort. As mentioned before, of greatest concern is whether or not these ordinary housewives have what it takes to accomplish such as task. To this, only time will tell. Though the surrounding county is encouraged to remember their wholesome roots and show these women the upmost respect as they embark on this journey, so that we may do our part and defeat the fallacy that is Adolph Hitler.

Lewis, Wallace. “Fly Girls: The WWII Women’s Airforce Service Pilots.” Film & History 39, no. 1 (2009). Accessed October 6, 2015. http://go.galegroup.com.uiwtx.idm.oclc.org.

McLeRoy, Sherrie. Texas Women First: Leading Ladies of Lone Star History. Charleston: The History Press, 2015.


One thought on “A look into the Hive

  1. The way you framed the military men being the initiative behind the entire article was well placed but forced my attention to what was going to be mentioned later. It was also fascinating that you actually gave this plot to a group of women in one community instead of the entire population of the women on the home front. I’ve also never heard of this WASP group, so that was interesting as well.


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